Wingman – is a real-time sales coaching tool for sales representatives. Wingman helps sales teams with real-time coaching, which enforces good habits like better listening and talking speed.

Wingman – Founder, Company Profile, Funding and Competition

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1. Founder
2. Company Profile
3. Tech Stack
4. Funding
5. Key People
6. Competition
7. Current Job Openings

Wingman – Founder

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Shruti Kapoor –  worked across life sciences research, investment banking, technology investing, commercialization, product development, fin-tech and sales enablement using AI(current). She enjoy working in the interface between technology solutions and business needs and have worked in leadership and business development roles. She is also a trained Life Coach through Erickson Coaching and would love to have a conversation with you if you are feeling lost about your career or relationships or life in general. Also, interested in consulting for innovation and technology scouting & adoption.

Wingman – Company Profile

Wingman empowers remote sales teams with conversation intelligence, actionable insights on successful playbooks and delivers real-time coaching. Wingman’s features enable sales reps and managers to employ a consistent workflow and coordinate between different teams using tools they already use such as Zoom, SalesForce, Google Meet and HubSpot. Their highlighting features: Get better visibility into sales calls – With automatic audio and video recording, get better visibility into your teams’ sales calls; Asynchronous sales coaching – With Wingman, you can tag reps and add comments on sales calls for feedback; real-time note-taking and cues – Wingman’s real-time notes and automated Cue cards will help you to have better conversations; Bookmarks – bookmark any part of the call to note important instances like coachable moments for your team, follow-ups and understand customer context better; Call Review – Wingman’s dashboard allows to do both quick reviews of a call or an in-depth analysis; Push Notes to CRM – You can now push your notes to CRM and keep a record of all your calls and conversations with your prospects; Talk-to-listen ratio – you can check how interactive the conversation was and measure customer interest; Cue Cards – Cue-cards can be a great way to have the talking points handy. You don’t have to memorize product features, customer stories and handle objections better; Behavioral Cues – You can now increase customer engagement by eliminating longer monologues in your sales calls and matching your customer’s rate of speech. Their investors: YCombinator, Venture Highway, Speciale Invest, Venture Souq and Arali Ventures.

Wingman – Tech Stack

We use –

  • GoDaddy DNS
  • Office 365
  • Twitter Cards
  • GoDaddy Web Hosting
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • GoCentral

Wingman – Funding

Mar 17, 2019Total funding amount – Not disclosed

Investors –

  1. Speciale Invest

Aug 22, 2019 – Total funding amount – Not disclosed

Investors –

  1. Arali Ventures
  2. Y Combinator

Wingman – Key People

Shruti Kapoor, Co-Founder & CEOLinkedInTwitter
Muralidharan Venkatasubramanian, Co-Founder and CPOLinkedInTwitter

Wingman – Competition

CompanyTotal funding raised
California, USA
California, USA
California, USA

Wingman – Current Job Openings

You will get the opportunity to work directly with the founders on projects critical to the success of our business.

  1. Founder Staff- New Initiatives
  2. Partnerships Manager
  3. Senior Software Engineer

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