SecurityAdvisor –  SecurityAdvisor provides a platform for security awareness. The products offer security assessment, depth training, and contextual coaching. Through its automated processes, it aims to reduce the number of security incidents in an organization.

SecurityAdvisor – Founder, Co-founder, Company Profile, Key People, Tech Stack, Funding, Competition and Job Opening

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1. Founder’s Interview
2. Co-founder
3. Company Profile
4. Key People
5. Tech Stack
6. Funding
7. Competition
8. Job Openings

SecurityAdvisor – Founder’s Interview

Interview awaited

Sai Venkataraman – Co Founder and CEO at SecurityAdvisor. Has a B.E in Electronics and Communication from Anna University and an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad. Was a summer intern at Unilever following which he has had stints at Bain&Co and Intel Corporation. He was also the Vice President at Fortscale(later acquired by RSA Security) and is currently the Vice President – Platform and Technology Alliances at KnowBe4 (which acquired SecurityAdvisor) where he is Building the world’s first HDR (Human Detection and Response) platform. He is also an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council.

SecurityAdvisor – Co -Founder

Santhosh Purathepparambil – Co-Founder of SecurityAdvisor. Completed his Btech in Electronics, Electrical and Communications Engineering from Model Engineering College and Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. Experience of working in companies like DSRC and McAfee, where he was the Senior Director of Engineering. He is also the Vice President of Product Strategy at KnowBe4.

Rohan Puri – Co-Founder of SecurityAdvisor. Completed his B.E in Computer Science from University of Pune and Masters in Computer Science from University of California. He has also completed the Stanford Certified Program Manager and Advanced Leadership Program for Asian-American Executives from Stanford University. Close to 15 years of work experience at McAfee. He is also the Senior Vice President of Engineering at KnowBe4.

SecurityAdvisor – Company Profile

SecurityAdvisor provides the only personalized security awareness platform that quantifiably reduces security incidents. SecurityAdvisor’s patented platform, Graphene™, integrates easily with existing security infrastructure to deliver real-time coaching for each employee, teaching them how to identify and remediate cyberattacks and help security teams better measure the ROI and effectiveness of their training initiatives.The features of the product include e-mail security, ransomware protection, safe access to social media, insider threat protection. It also provides an AI-based behaviour analysis platform to offer real-time security assistance

SecurityAdvisor – Key People

Sai Venkataraman –
Co Founder and CEO
Santhosh Purathepparambil –
Rohan Puri –

SecurityAdvisor – Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • core-js
  • Google Analytics

SecurityAdvisor – Funding

Total Seed Funding raised till date – $7.3M @ Feb,2020
Cyber Mentor Fund

Total Series A Funding raised till date – $7.3M @ Feb,2020
Lead Investor
ClearSky Security


  • CrossLink Capital
  • SixThirty Ventures
  • Cyber Mentor Fund

Total Acquisition Funding raised till date – $80M @ Nov,2021

SecurityAdvisor – Competition

CompanyTotal Funding Raised
Reykjavik, Iceland
Cyber Guru
Click Armor
Ottawa, Canada
Terranova Security
Laval, Canada
Leesburg, USA
Acquired by BlackRock

SecurityAdvisor – Job Openings

Other Details

Industry VerticalCybersecurity
Sub VerticalSecurity Awareness
ServiceTraining employees to identify and remediate cyberattacks
HeadquartersCalifornia, USA
Area ServedWorldwide
Number of Employees11-50

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