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Schrocken – Provides a  robust & secure platform for pharmaceutical brands to systematically manage & maintain interactions between internal teams and CMOs.Schrocken helps enterprises manage outsourcing with the same Operating Visibility & Control as internal execution.

Schrocken- Founder, Company Profile, Funding and Competition

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1. Founder
2. Company Profile
3. Tech Stack
4. Funding
5. Key People
6. Competition
7. Current Job Openings

Schrocken – Founder

Yogendra Chordia – Co-Founder of Schrocken. Has a Mtech degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems from IIT Kanpur. Extensive experience working at Telco, Cisco,  Sun Microsystems, Western Digital, NetApp, etc

Sanjay Kuberkar – Co-Founder of Schrocken. Has a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Degree from University of Mumbai, a Mtech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and a Postgraduate in Management(Executive) from IIM Ahmedabad.Extensive experience working at KPMG, Cisco Systems, Boeing, etc

Schrocken – Company Profile

Schrocken provides blockchain-based operating systems for business ecosystems. Utilizes enterprise-grade blockchain and smart contracts technology to establish trusted and private communications within ecosystem partners. Schrocken helps to accelerate the Digital Initiatives thus helping client’s harness the power of Schrocken’s platform to create ecosystems that will provide better control, interaction, and visibility over manufacturing processes. Schrocken helps to save valuable time and money in managing teams and stakeholders. Schrocken is a multi-tenant platform where every ecosystem anchored by you (Schrocken’s enterprise customer), is secure & private with trusted and private communications with ecosystem partners.

Schrocken – Tech Stack

We use – 

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • jQuery
  • core-js
  • Google Analytics

Schrocken – Funding

Jan 2022 – Series A – Undisclosed

Lead Investors –

  • Five Gardens LLC
  • ThinKuvate

Other Investors – 

Quentelle LLC

Schrocken – Key People

Yogendra Chordia – Co-FounderLinkedin
Sanjay Kuberkar – Co-FounderLinkedin

Schrocken – Competition

Other details

Industry VerticalSaaS
Sub VerticalPharma
ServiceBlockchain-based operating system
for business ecosystems
HeadquartersSan Jose, USA
Area ServedWorldwide
Number of Employees11-50

Schrocken – Current Job Openings

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