SalezShark – A cloud-based customer intelligence platform, equipped with sales and marketing automation features that aims at nurturing and building connections with customers while reaping maximum productivity through the entirety of the sales funnel.

Salezshark – Founder, Company Profile, Funding, Competition

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1. Founder
2. Company Profile
3. Tech Stack
4. Funding
5. Key People
6. Competition

Salezshark – Founder

Ajay Chauhan – Co-Founder and CEO of Salezshark. He is an alumnus of Delhi University and has an MBA degree from International Management Institute. He is also the Co-Founder and the Director-Global Sales at

Salezshark – Company Profile

SalezShark is a cutting-edge Customer Intelligence platform, equipped with the end to end sales and marketing automation features to help organizations reap maximum productivity. From recommending¬† the right leads to work on to doubling such lead conversion, it offers an innovative way for businesses of all sizes with its great management capabilities. The platform allows users to create a “relationship cloud” of their potential customers. This intelligent mesh of networks allows users to make connections with prospects easier and know their personality traits. Other features include Sales automation (order management & scheduling, quota management, product management and task management), Marketing automation (email marketing, campaign management, and lead generation) and report generation. It offers a subscription-based pricing policy. Its major clients are ADEPT, BSQ, BACE, and TACT.

Salezshark – Tech Stack

We Use – 

  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Google Analytics

Salezshark – Funding

Total Investment raised stands at $3M

2014 – Seed Funding – $1M

  • Ajay Chauhan
  • Saif Ahmad

2015 – Angel Investment – $2M

  • Saif Ahmad

Salezshark – Key People

Ajay Chauhan, Co-Founder and CEOLinkedinTwitter

Salezshark – Competition

CompanyTotal Funding Raised
San Francisco, USA
Cambridge, USA
San Francisco, USA
CallidusCloud(now SAP Sales Cloud)
Pleasanton, USA
SugarCRM(Acquired by Accel-KKR)
Cupertino, USA

Other details

Industry VerticalSaaS
Sub VerticalCustomer Relationship Management
ServiceAutomation of entire sales relationship journey
HeadquartersVirginia, USA
Area ServedWorldwide
Number of Employees51-100

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