Indian SaaS Startups on Product Hunt

Indian Engineers have been taking over the world by storm. From pioneering promising upcoming startups to being the CEOs of big-name brands, Indians have been making our country proud all over the world- both offline and online.

Getting featured on Product Hunt is no simple task. You’ll need to wow the community and start scoring organic upvotes to reach the front page.

In this article, we bring Indian SaaS startups featured on #producthunt! Have any startups in mind belong on the list? Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments below!

1. SuperDev– All-in-one browser extension for web designers & developers

An open-source Swiss Army Toolbox Browser Extension for web designers, developers & founders with – * Text editor * Page ruler * Color picker * Color palette * Page guideline * Page highlight * Move element * Delete element * Export element * Clear all cache

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MakerChoudhary Abdullah 

2. Uxhack– Candidate Management Tool

Manage applications you receive on your LinkedIn job post, process, and store them in Airtable. What you will get: – Setup tutorial, Airtable template, the scenario to export in Make (formerly Integromat) 

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Maker- Nishith Gupta

3. Bugasura– Bug Tracker for Fast-Moving Modern Teams

Testing Apps is hard and reporting issues from phone becomes even harder. Bugasura has your app testing life become easier. With this app – your testing is converted to a video, adding test data becomes easier, and reporting becomes a breeze.

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Maker- Pradeep Soundararajan

4. DoolaThe simplest way to do business in the US

Doola helps you form and run your US business (LLC) from anywhere, fast, and in just a few clicks. We handle your LLC formation and help you get set up with a US Bank Account, a US Mailing Address, a US Business Phone Number, U.S. Tax Filing, U.S. Business Bank Account, Access to $1000s in Partner Perks and more…

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Maker- Arjun Mahadevan 


Get a curated set of AI-powered & unique assets for your games to inspire your next big thing!

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MakerShimanta Bhuyan

6. Notion– Your all-in-one workspace

Notion blends your everyday work tools into one. Product roadmap? Company wiki? Meeting notes? With Notion, they’re all in one place, and totally customizable to meet the needs of any workflow. It’s the all-in-one workspace for you, your team, and your whole company. We, humans, are toolmakers by nature, but most of us can’t build or modify the software we use every day โ€” arguably our most powerful tool. Our team at Notion is on a mission to make it possible for everyone to shape the tools that shape their lives.

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MakerAkshay Kothari

7. Vadoo– Building tools for creators

Video hosting & marketing made simple Upload videos with a single click. Record, manage, share & more. 

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MakerAnkur Singh

8. Most Recommended Books– Find The Best Book Recommendations!

Discover credibly powerful book recommendations by billionaires, icons, and world-class performers. Check out our site & find the current best-selling books.

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Maker- Anurag Ramdasan

9. Xillion– Wealth Creation/Mentoring/Management for Everyone

Xillion strives to democratize access to the best wealth-creation tools, ideas & strategies that are currently only available to the wealthy. Xillion helps you make great financial decisions with the help of mentors recommended by our proprietary algorithm. By paying a small subscription fee, you get access to thousands of mentors who can help you develop investing skills and strategies in dozens of different areas.

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Maker- Gagan Sandhu

10. Skill Flake– Build Your Own Online Coaching Platform In Minutes

SkillFlake Helps You Build Your Online Coaching Platform In Mins. Skill Flake Has Inbuilt Payment Processing And User Management. Also, You Can Share Your Student Notes, Downloadables, Quizzes & Videos.

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MakerShreyansh Sheth 

11. MyLeadFox– Find e-commerce stores worldwide and make them your clients.

Specially built for Agencies and Freelancers. My Lead Fox provides e-commerce data so you can find your target clients. Eg Find pet stores in your area and offer them photography. Find Shopify Store active without Facebook pixel and offer marketing and more…

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Maker- Sumit Ghugharwal

12. The LIT App– Face-based photo-sharing and customised auto-sharing

LIT is the first app in the world which allows you to filter photos by face before saving the pictures. Our mission is to help you share and store your memories/moments that really matter to you.

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MakerShivam Garg

13. Quick Player– Enjoy random videos ads-freeย ย 

Quick Player is a video player that plays content randomly for you. It’s always fun to watch content on movies and TV shows, but sometimes it can get boring. That’s where Quick Player comes in, stop mindless scrolling on OTTs and enjoy content quickly and randomly and it’s ads free.

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MakerPriyanshu Ratnakar

14. Yoodli– AI-Powered Public Speaking Coach

Yoodli helps you improve your communication skills without the pressure of judgment. Yoodli uses AI powered technology to provide you with realtime and personalized feedback on your filler words, eye contact, pacing, and much else. We’ve raised $7M+ from investors including Madrona Venture Group, the Paul Allen AI Institute, and Cercano Capital among others.

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MakersEsha Joshi and Varun Puri 

15. CogniCue– Converting emotions into insights

We, at CogniCue convert your Non Verbal signals into meaningful data. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best of our products, by capturing the kinesics like facial expressions, facial movements, emotions and other bodily movements.

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MakerKanan Tandi

16. JobTwine– Your interview hours are on us

JobTwine is an Interviewer on Demand platform. We help technology companies save hundreds of hours of their own engineering bandwidth that can otherwise be utilized to deliver products faster and book revenues sooner. Using our platform results in 3X faster hiring, accelerated time to market, and analytics to understand and improve the candidate offer ratio.

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MakerVikrant Mahajan

17. Typito– Create Stunning text videos online

At Typito, we enable YouTubers, Vloggers and Marketing professionals to create beautiful and engaging videos to grow their business. Typito is a web-based drag-and-drop style application that lets you add beautiful typography, images & layouts within minutes. Collaborate with your team, review and share the videos with the world – all from one place.

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MakerMatthew John

18. Koo– Giving a Voice to a Billion Indians!

Koo is a micro-blog in Indian languages. We are here to help Indians express themselves in the easiest way possible with the objective of democratizing their voice. Share your thoughts in text, audio or video. Some of the most prominent faces of India use Koo. You will also find millions of others from all walks of life. Koo is home to the Voices of India. Follow people you like, know what’s on their minds and share your thoughts with India too.

Let’s Koo together!

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MakerMayank Bidawatka

19.– Creating Intelligent Enterprises Through Conversational AI is a market leading conversational AI partner for Global 2000 companies. specializes in AI-rich conversational solutions designed specifically for enterprises that aim to make digital customer interactions faster and more human.

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MakerRaj Koneru

20. Radiance– Fully capture how you do your work

Radiance Voice is a Chrome extension to help you record voice notes and screen recordings over any webpage in your browser! You can share these recordings with your team members using links or by creating a team, and leave comments to share further thoughts. Use it over Google Sheets and Docs, Figma, and Github, Bitbucket, or any of your favorite sites and web apps.

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MakerAnuraag Vaidya

21. SigmaOS– The browser that works the way you do!

SigmaOS is the first browser made for work, designed to make YOU faster and better. ๐Ÿ—‚๏ธ Workspaces to organize your pages and web-apps ๐Ÿ’ค Snooze pages to keep your mind clear โœ‚๏ธ Split screen to multitask like a pro

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MakerSaurav Mitra

22. Coefficient– Sync Google Sheets to your company systems and accelerate your work in minutes

Coefficient is a no-code solution that allows business teams to work with real-time data directly from their spreadsheets. You can sync your Google Sheets to your company systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Looker, MySQL, Redshift, Slack and more. This empowers anyone in the company to build reports and analyses that are real-time, flexible and accurate without any knowledge of SQL or other advanced tools. Native Slack integration coupled with a powerful business rule engine enables you to keep the right people up-to-date at the right time.

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MakerNavneet Loiwal

23. Build– Ideate, Build & Launch a side project in 4 weeks!

Build is a 4-week online community + cohort that enables & empowers anyone irrespective of their background to launch a side hustle in 4 weeks! Learn to ideate, build & launch to set yourself on the path of financial independence.

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MakerPrashant Sharma

24. AnyDistance– Share your workouts, track your goals, earn achievements

Share your workouts from Apple Health and supported services through beautiful and unique story templates. Track your distance goals and earn collectible achievement medals on your journey.

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MakerAravind Kaimal

25. Strac– Eliminate PII/PHI Sensitive Data Risks From Your Business

Strac helps businesses avoid data breaches by securing their most sensitive customer data like  SSN, DL, Passport, Bank Statements, etc. across all communication channels like Office 365, Gmail, Slack, Onedrive, Google Drive, Zendesk and Web Applications. Strac allows businesses to exchange sensitive PII/PHI data safely without any party touching by default. Strac is backed by YCombinator, the same VC that funded Airbnb, Doordash, Instacart, Stripe, etc. & Unshackled Ventures.

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MakerAatish M

26. DropForm– Build forms, give NFT rewards, get 3x responses!

DropForm is an interactive form creator that airdrops NFT rewards to the research participants. Build interactive forms with no-code NFT Rewards to get more responses.

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MakerRohit Kashyap 

27. Tweep– Distinguish b/w Blue & Verified Users

Tweep can help you tell apart Twitter Blue and Actual Verified accounts. Available on both Chrome and Firefox.

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28. Tweeco– Endlessly integrate your tweets anywhere

Tweeco let’s you integrate your tweets anywhere with a single API endpoint. It may be a specific tweet or all your latest tweets with username.

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MakerPushkar Yadav

29. Modal Labs– Your end-to-end stack for cloud compute

Modal lets you run or deploy machine learning models, massively parallel compute jobs, task queues, web apps, and much more, without your own infrastructure.

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MakerAkshat Bubna

30. Handdraw– Free Fully Customisable Hand-drawn illustrations

Free SVG hand-drawn illustrations that are easy to customise. Download them in the blink of an eye for they are lightweight and minimal. โœ… 100% Free โœ… Easy to Customise โœ… Hand-drawn from scratch โœ… Open Source โœ… Copyright Free โœ… Use for Websites, Apps and anywhere you can

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MakerShubh Wadekar

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