Indian SaaS Founders Building in Public 

It’s challenging to build a product from scratch. Products are continually evolving and expanding. Are you curious about the inside stories, challenges, and experiences SaaS founders gain while building their products? Do you want to travel with entrepreneurs as they build?

This article will introduce you to the Indian SaaS founders #buildinginpublic! The list is still under construction; you can add your suggestions in the comments below!

1. SigNoz – Open Source Metrics, Traces and Logs In A Single Pane

Understand issues in your deployed applications & solve them quickly

Co-Founder & CTOAnkit Nayan

Talks about #golang, #opensource, and #observability

Co-FounderPranay Prateek

Exclusive Interview – Meet Pranay Prateek, Busy Building An Open-Source Application Performance Management Solution (APM) from India.


2. Uptiq – Manage All Your Growth Processes In One Platform

Ditch your complex growth process stack of Sheets, Notion, Airtable, Zapier, and so on. Manage your team, metrics, objectives, experiments, and learnings – all from one purpose-built tool!

Co-Founder- Satwik Govindrajula 

3. Fleo – Create High-Performance Culture For Distributed Teams

Fleo is enabling companies to build & scale up high-performance culture. We believe that every team member has unlimited potential and it needs a clear purpose to be tapped. Fleo provides an easy-to-use platform where teams create and track their OKRs & KPIs.

Co-FounderAnimesh Bajpai

Talks about #vision, #startup, #marketing, #industry40, and #productmarketing

Co-FounderUtkarsh Gupta

4. AppSmith– Build, Ship, and Maintain Internal Tools

AppSmith is the first open-source low-code tool that helps developers build dashboards and admin panels very quickly. It’s a platform that helps businesses build any custom internal application within hours.

Co-FounderAbhishek Nayak

Co-FounderNikhil Nandagopal

Talks about #lowcode, #product, #opensource, #engineering, and #hacktoberfest

Co-Founder- Arpit Mohan

5. ToolJet– Easiest Way Of Building Internal Tools

An open-source low-code framework to build and deploy custom internal applications.

FounderNavaneeth PK

Head of ProductShubham Gupta


6. Chatwoot– Open-Source Customer Engagement Suite

New age multi-channel customer support solution for businesses, big and small. 

Co-Founder and CEOPranav Raj S

Co-FounderNithin David Thomas

Co-Founder- Sojan Jose


7. Hasura– Instant GraphQL On All Your Data

Hasura makes software to simplify and accelerate application development. The Hasura GraphQL Engine gives you instant, real-time, high-performance GraphQL on any Postgres application, existing or new. It also includes an event trigger system to help you build serverless apps.

Co-Founder and CEOTanmai Gopal

Co-FounderRajoshi Ghosh


8. Casa– Grow your community on autopilot

Casa helps D2C brands grow sales through UGC on Instagram and Tiktok.

FounderDhruv Bhatia

Talks about #startups, #community, #communitymanager, #communityengagement, and #communitymanagement

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9. Obsei– An open-source low-code AI-powered automation tool

An open-source low-code AI-powered automation tool. It can be used in various business flows like social listening, AI-based alerting, brand image analysis, comparative study and more. 

Co-FounderGirish Patel

Co-FounderLalit Pagaria


Exclusive Interview – Meet Lalit Pagaria, Co-Founder @Oraika-Interview On Building A Notification Infrastructure Tool For Developers

10. Superblog– Fast, Light and Beautiful Blogging Platform

Is a blazing-fast alternative to WordPress and Medium blogs. Auto-optimized for SEO and speed. Zero setups and maintenance.

Co-Founder- Sai Krishna

Talks about #seo, #saas, #tech, and #startup 

Exclusive Interview–  Meet Sai Krishna on a mission to build a super web, a greener web.

11.– Generate quizzes from any text in one click using AI

Questgen provides an authoring tool to generate various kinds of assessments like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True/False Questions, Higher-Order Questions, etc in one 1-click. You can edit and make modifications to the generated worksheet before exporting it as plain text or Pdf.

Founder- Ramsri Goutham Golla 

Talks about #saas, #startup, #datascience, #buildinpublic, and #naturallanguageprocessing

Exclusive InterviewIn conversation with RamsriFounder, – An ed-tech startup to generate school quizzes like MCQs etc. from any text using AI. & – A meme marketing tool for individuals and brands to generate original memes with AI.

12. Tessel Technologies – We Are Digital Craftsmen

Tessel Technologies is an upcoming startup in the product development field. We are focussed on building useful software products. The company marries the best of the design and technology world to make products come alive. We are digital craftsmen. We truly believe small, tight-knit teams change the world.

FounderVivek Swaminathan R

13. Zingg.AI- Smart Tools For The Modern Data Stack

Zingg is an identity and entity resolution startup building an ML-powered single source of truth for customers, suppliers and other entities directly in the warehouse and the data lake.

FounderSonal Goyal

Talks about #ai, #mdm, #data, #masterdata, and #datascience 


14. Keploy– Open-Source API Testing Platform

Auto-Generate API Tests from User Traffic. Keploy does comprehensive API testing (99% coverage) by creating test cases from real-world production traffic without any manual effort. All the dependencies of the app are mocked so no need to have Test Environments.

Co-FounderNeha Gupta

Talks about #qa, #devtools, #apitesting, and #opensource

Youtube Channel- @Keploy

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