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Incredible – Founder , Company Profile, Funding and Competition

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1. Founder
2. Company Profile
3. Funding
4. Competition – Founder

Karthic Rao – Seasoned Engineer with over 5+ years of experience in early-stage, fast-paced, open-source and consumer software startups across the globe. Worked at Dgraph Labs , MinIO , Adori Labs, Inc and others.

Highly motivated individual with a passion for technology innovation, early-stage tech startups and entrepreneurship. – Company Profile

On a mission to democratise the creation of developer content. Empowering you to create developer videos in record time. 130 incredible videos created – – Funding

Angel Investor – – Key People

Karthic Rao – FounderLinkedInTwitter
Jerric Lyns John
Co-Founder and Creative Director
LinkedInTwitter – Competition

CompanyFunding Raised
Varsity Lakes
Industry/ Vertical
ServiceTools for dev content creation
HeadquartersPixelbyte Studio Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Area servedWorld wide
Number of employees26

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