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Botspace – Founder, Company Profile, Funding and Competition

Table of Content
1. Founder
2. Company Profile
3. Tech Stack
4. Funding
5. Key People
6. Competition

Botspace – Founder

Mayur More – Bachelor from College of Engineering Pune in 2011-2015. He previously CoFounded a Design Studio that served 15+ enterprise clients and the solutions were used by over a 1.5million users. He Started a HyperLocal startup called Klassy as well.

Botspace – Company Profile

BotSpace helps businesses create capable conversational interfaces that go beyond basic FAQ’s. BotSpace provides 5x capability with 10x faster deployment compared to anyone in the industry. With their in-house text-based bot scripting language – SpaceScript, BotSpace is able to design, test and deploy complex chat and voice bots at scale. BotSpace is a B2B platform for businesses to automate customer support and engagement on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack, and SMS. BotSpace dives deeper into a vertical and builds end to end chat solutions that can be deployed in 5 mins without the business having to worry about training or design flow or NLP. With its reusable NLP, the system trains from across clients to understand better and makes it easy to deploy conversations across clients with no training. BotSpace has pre-designed conversational templates which can be deployed within seconds. Businesses or Brands need not worry about training or designing the bot, which is the biggest obstacle to deploying a chat solution. Messaging services are a brand new space for organizations to connect with existing and future customers. BotSpace helps you get there with ease.

Botspace – Tech Stack

We use –

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Caronet
  • Facebook Comments
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Cloud DNS
  • Segment

Botspace – Funding

Jul 1, 2019 – Total funding amount -$40K

Investors –

  • The CoWrks Foundry

Botspace – Key People

Mayur More
Bilal Chaglani,
Founder & CEO

Botspace – Competition

CompanyFunding Raised
California, USA
Karnataka, India
$8 M
Karnataka, India

Other details

Industry/ VerticalComputer Software
ServiceCustomer Service, SaaS, and WhatsApp
HeadquartersKoregaon Park, Next to Malaka Spice, Above Rise n Shine ,
Fourth Floor, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, IN
Area servedWorldwide
Number of employees1-10

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