Atlan –  Atlan is a modern data collaboration workspace (like Github for engineering or Figma for design). By acting as a virtual hub for data assets ranging from tables and dashboards to models & code, Atlan enables teams to create a single source of truth for all their data assets, and collaborate across the modern data stack through deep integrations with tools like Slack, BI tools, data science tools and more. 

Recognised as a Gartner Cool Vendor in the inaugural report on DataOps, one of the top 3 companies globally.

Atlan – Founder, Company Profile, Key People, Tech Stack, Funding, Competition and Job Opening

Table of Content

1. Founder’s Interview
2. Company Profile
3. Key People
4. Tech Stack
5. Funding
6. Competition
7. Job Openings

Atlan – Founder’s Interview

Interview – Awaited

Prukalpa Shankar & Varun Banka- Co-Founders

Atlan – Company Profile

With easily shared data profiles, metadata and documentation, project templates, and more, Atlan’s data workspace helps bring reproducibility to data and analytics assets.

It allows a wide range of data users to take command of their analytics pipeline by letting analysts to work with massive amounts of data, allowing users to quickly prototype big data initiatives, and assisting IT teams in enforcing enterprise-grade security.

Atlan – Key People

Prukalpa Shankar –
Varun Banka –

Atlan – Tech Stack

  • Vue.Js
  • Gridsome
  • HubSpot Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Cloudflare

Atlan – Funding

Series A funding raised till date – $16.5M


  • WaterBridge Ventures
  • Bob Moore
  • Akshay Kothari
  • Jake Stein
  • Insight Partners
  • Auren Hoffmen
  • Sequoia Surge

Lead Investor

Insight Partners

Seed Round funding raised till date – $2.5M


WaterBridge Ventures

Lead Investor

WaterBridge Ventures

Atlan – Competition

CompanyTotal Funding Raised
Bengaluru, Karnataka
New York

Atlan – Job Openings

  • Executive Assistant to Leadership
  • QA Analyst
  • Sales engineer

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Other Details

Industry/VerticalInformation Technology & Services
ServiceData & Analytics, SaaS, Technology, Data Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data, Data Management, Data Catalog, Data Governance, Data Lineage, and Collaboration
Area ServedAsia-Pacific (APAC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Southeast Asia
No. of Employees50-200

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