Airim –  Whatfix acquired Airim to offer industry’s First Autonomous Personalization Platform for the Digital Adoption Category

Airim – Founder, Company Profile, Key People, Tech Stack, Funding, Competition and Job Opening

Table of Content

1. Founder’s Interview
2. Company Profile
3. Key People
4. Tech Stack
5. Funding
6. Competition
7. Job Openings

Airim – Founder’s Interview

Airim – Company Profile

Airim’s AI-powered embeddable widget lets your customers easily find information within your knowledge base, from anywhere in your website.

Airim’s personalization engine creates a new user experience that allows customers to find and consume information in the least possible time.

Airim’s powerful analytics gives new insights into user behavior which are hard to obtain for enterprises otherwise. Well known brands have used Airim insights to create new customer-focused strategies that have helped them win in their target market.

Airim – Key People

Sujoy Chaudhary  –
Co-Founder & CEO

Airim – Tech Stack

  • Bulma
  • Netlify
  • Vue.js
  • Google Tag Manager

Airim – Funding

Had conducted Angel Round

Airim – Competition

Airim – Job Openings

Other Details

Industry/VerticalInternet, Computer Software
Founded2017 – 2019 (Now acquired by WhatFix)
ServiceSearch, Automation, Customer Experience, Conversion Optimization, Marketing Widget, Customer Journey, Intelligence, Analytics, Self Service, Personalization, and Virtual Assistant
HeadquartersNewark, Delaware
Area ServedAcquired by Whatfix
No. of Employees2-10 (Aquired by WhatFix)

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