Adnabu – Google Shopping Feed App for Shopify. Don’t just send any data to Google. Send keyword-rich, Google-friendly data, and increase your Google Shopping sales.

Adnabu – Founder, Company Profile, Funding and Competition

Table of Content
1. Founder
2. Company Profile
3. Tech Stack
4. Key People
5. Competition
6. Current Job Openings

Adnabu – Founder

Salil Panikkaveettil –  is the Co-Founder and CEO of AdNabu. He created the first instant ticket prediction system for Indian railways ­ In India, there is a huge waiting list for train tickets and there is no guarantee of confirmation of these tickets. predicted the chances of confirmation using machine learning and regression models. This was the first time anyone had thought of creating an algorithm for predicting the confirmation of train tickets.

Adnabu – Company Profile

AdNabu is a 3+ yrs old Google AdWords automation Software company. Our products help users in creating, managing and optimizing different AdWords campaigns like Google Search, Google Shopping (a.k.a. Product listing ads) and Google Re-marketing campaigns. 200+ advertisers use our software every day to manage their AdWords campaigns. AdNabu is a Premier Partner of Google and provides quick support to its customers. We recently launched software for Google shopping ads which have got promising reviews for its delivery and ease of use by many e-commerce advertisers. Advertisers have well received our applications on Shopify for dynamic remarketing, conversion pixel and AdWords assistant. We are the best AdWords automation software.

Adnabu – Tech Stack

We use –

  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot Content Management System
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Google Font API
  • Sectigo
  • Cloudflare Security

Adnabu – Key People

Salil Panikkaveettil, CEO & Co FounderLinkedInTwitter

Adnabu – Competition

CompanyTotal funding raised
Massachusetts, USA
New York, USA
California, USA

Other details

Industry/ VerticalSoftware
Sub-verticalMarketing & Advertising
ServiceShopify App Store
Headquarters2035 Sunset Lake Rd, Ste B-2, Newark, Delaware, 19702,USA
Area servedWorldwide
Number of employees11-50

Adnabu – Current Job Openings

Adnabu are on a mission to help Shopify Merchants grow their eCommerce business. We have 3 apps currently live in Shopify App Store with more to follow. Our impact so far in Shopify Community: 10,000+ active stores using our software, 10M+ products updated daily.

  1. Senior Software Engineer – Django Developer

Fact check by: Salil Panikkaveettil, Adnabu

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