Senior Software Engineer, Backend Engineering

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Metrics to intelligent data apps for revenue teams. Blazing fast

About Us

Houseware is a revenue analytics workbench for Snowflake and BigQuery. Think Retool, purpose-built for the knowledge workers to build actionable internal data apps, as easy as you can create a Notion page today.

It is built on top of the data stack that modern data teams use: Snowflake, dbt, and Fivetran.

The company was the winner of the Snowflake Startup Challenge 2022 and provides a scalable, flexible, and collaborative workspace on top of metrics, the language that the revenue function speaks.

It connects to more than 150 data sources, abstracts schemas, columns, and rows into higher-level metrics, empowering the creation of visualizations, rules-based actionable signals, experiments, and much more without writing a single line of code.



  • You will own the entire backend architecture, from microservices to impact for the end user.
  • You are expected to lead the path with high attention to detail, debugging and testing skills, and long-term thinking keeping scalability at the center.
  • Your role at Houseware is heavy on individual contribution initially and would eventually evolve into a technical lead with time.

About your responsibilities at Houseware

  • Architecture design of the backend platform: Do we need a new microservice, why do we need it, how do we build it out, can it be externalized, how does it impact stability and shipping velocity, is this decision adding to technical debt and is it worth it?
  • Execution of the sprint: You’d be directly involved in the day-to-day implementation and be hands-on with the development of the backend APIs. You’d be interacting with the Frontend Team, defining API contracts, and managing the releases and consumption of all backend services.
  • Security and reliability: The server and database infrastructure shall be maintained in a SOC-2 compliant fashion while maintaining the required security protocols to store and process customer data. Ensuring uptime of our services in response to scale demands is a core and challenging need for this role.

What makes you a match for us?

  • You’re proficient in Golang and Python, having at least three years of industry experience building backend systems and hands-on experience with AWS/GCP.
  • You’re familiar with the modern data stack and have a good understanding of Infrastructure-as-code tooling like Terraform.
  • Plus points if you’re a contributor to open-source, we’d love to see your work.

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