Greetings and welcome to Yellow Chapter

At ​​Yellow Chapter, we publish interviews focusing more on “The Founder” and less on financial metrics. We want to know “YOU” as a person, as a founder. Our conversation will be around your childhood, college days, professional journey and ideation of your startup. 

We strongly believe ‘What we are today is shaped by our past experiences, be it our childhood, education or professional learnings.’

Study the past if you would define the future

 ― Confucius

Together we will walk down the memory lane with you, glancing through your learnings, experiences and even failures! 

What does Yellow Chapter do?

Yellow Chapter publishes interviews mapping the personal and professional journey of founders, co-founders and CTO’s of SaaS startups to where they are at present.

  • Inspire – We want to bring out the journeys of entrepreneurs and narrate the same to the world.
  • Brand vision – The vision behind a startup communicates its value and commitment to the customer. Yellow Chapter wants to convey this fundamental vision to the potential customers.
  • Guide – Yellow Chapter wants to add value to the efforts of entrepreneurs. They could guide budding founders with their life experiences.

Why should you be on Yellow Chapter?

Yellow Chapter shall provide you with:

  • Employee branding – In the tech world, a lot of senior folks join a company because of the leader they work under. More than the competition and the perks, leadership matters. The founding team can get a few in their network to join you, but to hire the senior folks, the brand value of the leader matters.
  • Connecting dots – Potential employees and customers need a story to relate to while they research the startup and the founder. They need to connect the dots. Knowing you as a person will make a difference.
  • Credibility – People tend to join a firm where they could enhance their skills. They wish to work with someone with a good track record. We, as leaders, strive to excel at what we do. We can lead by example and inspire people who will work with us. Putting it out on a platform adds to the overall credibility.

We want to celebrate entrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurship is a courageous and determined pursuit that demands tenacity, creativity and sheer professionalism.We want to acknowledge the efforts of such entrepreneurs who aspire to make a change. 

With our domain-specific audience, we could help you to reach out to the right people!

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Team Yellow Chapter!