Lifelong Learner

This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about myself!

I always like to talk to people and stay around people. I started my professional journey as a recruiter and gradually became good at it.

I liked my work. I was very closely working with startup founders. I realised being an entrepreneur is demanding and challenging.

I researched and found out that many blogs talk about the financial aspect of the startups, tracking the growth metric, funding etc., BUT no one is talking about “The Founder”.

So, after a successful career of 8 years as a specialised startup recruiter, I decided to start fresh. This resulted in Yellow Chapter, a website where you find captivating interviews with in-depth profiles of founders, co-founders and CTOs of SaaS startups.

I walk down memory lane with them, talking about their childhood, parents, siblings, dinner table conversations, college life, friends, professional roadmap and idea of the startup. We talk about various experiences, learnings, and even failures!

I believe ‘What we are today is shaped by our past experiences, be it our childhood, education or professional learnings.’

Study the past if you would define the future


Join us at Yellow Chapter to draw inspiration from not the past but the future of India!

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