Lifelong Learner

I am excited to share my corner of the Internet where I can talk about myself and my journey.

I have always been someone who enjoys connecting with others and staying engaged with the world around me. I began my professional journey as a recruiter, and over the years I honed my skills and became very good at it. I truly enjoyed my work, especially the opportunity to work closely with startup founders.

As I gained more experience, I began to appreciate the many demands and challenges of being an entrepreneur. In my research, I noticed that many blogs focused on the financial and growth aspects of startups, but there seemed to be a lack of information about the people behind these businesses, the founders themselves.

So, after a successful career of 8 years as a specialized startup recruiter, I decided to create Yellow Chapter, a publication dedicated to in-depth interviews with founders, co-founders, and CTOs of SaaS startups.

Through these conversations, I aim to walk down memory lane with these leaders, discussing their childhood, family life, college experiences, and professional paths, as well as the ideas and experiences that led to the creation of their startups.

I strongly believe understanding the person behind the business is just as important as understanding financial metrics. Additionally, delving into the stories of founders helps foster deeper connections with potential employees and customers.

Please feel free to check out our website and connect with us on LinkedIn, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Together, we can spread the word and share these inspirational stories with a wider audience.