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Yellow Chapter – Candid Interviews with Founders of SaaS Startups.

Stories with a heart, stories that teach, share, guide & above all, inspire!

What does Yellow Chapter do?

Yellow Chapter is a publication dedicated to sharing the personal and professional stories of founders through in-depth interviews.

We believe understanding the person behind the business is just as important as understanding financial metrics. Additionally, delving into the stories of founders helps foster deeper connections with potential employees and customers.

Knowing the background, experiences, and journey of a founder allows readers to connect with the startup and its mission on a deeper level.

As Confucius said, “Study the past if you would define the future.”

With Yellow Chapter, we journey back in time with founders and capture the significant moments of their lives, the natural progression of events, opportunities, experiences, lessons, and even setbacks.

Here’s a glimpse of what Yellow Chapter captures in interviews with founders:

  • A brief overview of the founder’s childhood and family background.
  • Information on their college education, experiences, and internships.
  • A snapshot of their professional journey and key learnings.
  • The inspiration and initial ideas behind the startup.
  • An overview of the startup itself and its mission –
  1. The reasoning behind the founder’s choice of industry or niche.
  2. The evolution and development of the product over time.
  3. The startup’s initial sales and marketing strategies
  4. The growth plans, funding history, and key milestones achieved by the startup.

Who reads our interview:

Our interviews cater to a specific audience. These include individuals who are interested in understanding the people behind the companies they may interact with, such as

  • Potential hires who want to know more about the leadership and culture of a startup before deciding to join the team.
  • Potential customers who are drawn to companies led by individuals they can relate to and trust.
  • Potential investors who want to learn more about the founders and leadership team before deciding to invest in a startup.

How much is Yellow Chapter traffic, page views, CTR etc.?

Our interviews are an in-depth look at the lives and experiences of founders, co-founders, and CTOs of SaaS startups. We aim to provide a unique perspective for a specific audience: those who are interested in understanding the people behind the companies.

Our interviews typically appear high in search results when searching for a specific founder’s name. For example, searching for “Aditya Telematica” will usually show our interview as the second link, “Anurag RightBot” as the third link, and so on.

Traditional metrics such as page views or click-through rate do not fully capture the value of our interviews, and our performance should be measured by the impact it has on our target audience.

Why should you be on Yellow Chapter? 

Yellow Chapter shall provide you with,

  • Employer branding – “Your culture is your brand” – Tony Hsieh. In the tech industry, leadership is a key factor in attracting senior talent to a startup, even more so than competition and perks. A strong leadership team can attract a few people from their network, but the brand value of the leader can make a bigger impact on hiring senior talent.
  • Connecting dots – In order for potential employees and customers to connect with a startup, they need a story that they can relate to. Knowing the founder as a person can make a difference in their understanding and connection to the startup.
  • Credibility – When it comes to choosing a startup to work for, people are often looking for a place where they can enhance their skills and work alongside leaders with a good track record. By sharing their story and showcasing their leadership on a platform, founders can increase their credibility and inspire potential employees and customers.

Our mission is to provide valuable insights and inspiration for SaaS startups globally. We are passionate about learning about the growth and struggles of founders who have worked hard to build their businesses. These individuals have invested their time and energy into creating unique niches for themselves and serve as valuable role models.

While other publications and websites may focus on only the most well-funded and well-established SaaS startups, we believe that there is a need for more platforms where under-the-radar founders can share their stories.

There are countless SaaS startups whose founders have overcome tremendous challenges to achieve their goals. These individuals have valuable lessons to share and can guide others on their own entrepreneurial journeys. We have already featured some inspiring stories, and we are constantly on the lookout for more to share. Our goal is to showcase the passion and drive behind every entrepreneur and change maker, no matter where they are located.

If you’re interested in sharing your entrepreneurial journey with our readers, we would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at divya@crowdhr.in.


Team Yellow Chapter!