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Yellow Chapter – Candid Interviews with Founders of SaaS Startups

Stories with a heart, stories that teach, share, guide & above all, inspire!

What does Yellow Chapter do?

Yellow Chapter publishes interviews and in-depth profiles focusing more on “The Founder” and less on financial metrics. We want to know “YOU” as a person, as a founder. We strongly believe, ‘What we are today is shaped by our past experiences, childhood, education and professional learnings.’

Study the past if you would define the future.”


We walk down memory lane with the founders, capturing the crucial moments of their life, the organic developments of events, possibilities, experiences, learnings and even failures!  

We provide our audience with an opportunity to know “The Founder“. There are a lot of blogs, reports, bloggers, and consultants talking about the startup’s financial metrics (MRR, ARR, CAC, TAM, MAU), funding etc. (nothing wrong about it), BUT none talking about ‘The Founder.’

Here’s a glimpse of what Yellow Chapter captures in interviews with founders:

  • Brief childhood and family background.
  • College learnings, experiences and internships.
  • A short timeline of professional life and learnings.
  • Journey of the startup – the inspiration and the initial ideas.
  • About the startup –
  1. Why did the founder pick the space (or niche) they chose?
  2. How has the product evolved, or is it still developing.
  3. Initial days of sales and marketing.
  4. Growth plans, funding, milestones.

Who reads our interview:

Our interviews have a particular audience. These people searching for a founder are:

  • Potential hires
  • Potential customers and
  • Potential investors.

How much is Yellow Chapter traffic, page views, CTR etc.?

Our interviews are the in-depth profile of the founder, co-founder and CTOs. Our interviews have a very specific audience. These are people who are searching for the founder. 

Our interview links are usually second, third or fourth when searched on Google. A typical metric like Page Views, CTR etc., is not the correct benchmark of our performance.

For example – If you Google ‘Aditya Telematica’, ours is the second link | ‘Anurag RightBot’, ours is the third link and so on.

Why should you be on Yellow Chapter? 

Yellow Chapter shall provide you with,

  • Employer branding – Your culture is your brand” – Tony Hsieh. In the tech world, many senior folks join a company because of the leader they work with—more than competition and perks, leadership matters. The founding team can get a few in their network to join you, but to hire the senior folks, the brand value of the leader matters.
  • Connecting dots – Potential employees and customers need a story to relate. While researching the startup and the founder, they need to connect the dots. Knowing you as a person will make a difference.  
  • Credibility – People tend to join a firm where they can enhance their skills. They wish to work with someone with a good track record. We as leaders strive to excel at what we do. We can lead by example and inspire people who will work with us. Putting it out on a platform adds to the overall credibility.

Our objective is to create a go-to resource for SaaS startups in India. The Indian SaaS companies are poised to reach $30 billion in revenue by 2025, capturing an 8% to 9% share of the global SaaS market – (India SaaS Report 2021 by Bain & Company). We yearn to learn about the growth of these people. People who have risen from the trenches are passionate and have learned their business hard. They have invested themselves in their startups. They have created a unique niche for themselves and are indeed a source of inspiration.

There are over 10,000 SaaS startups in India. The leading magazines, blogs, websites and newspapers cover maybe a few 100’s of the BIG and FUNDED SaaS ventures. We strongly feel that there is a need for more platforms where other deserving founders can share their journeys.

Many founders of SaaS startups have strived through incredible hardships to reach their goals. They are doing well for themselves. They can teach, share and guide others. We have covered some amazing stories and are in pursuit of more such tales. We desire to portray the spark of creation in every entrepreneur and change maker across the globe.

If you think you would like to share your entrepreneurial journey with our readers, please feel free to mail us at divya@crowdhr.in.


Team Yellow Chapter!