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Yellow Chapter – Entrepreneurial journey – Founders of SaaS Startups

Stories with a heart, stories that teach, share, guide & above all inspire!

Yellow Chapter publishes entrepreneurial journeys of SaaS founders. We provide our audience an opportunity to get inspired from the journey of a startup. Here’s a glimpse of what Yellow Chapter captures in our interviews.

  • Founders interview – Map their personal and professional journeys to where they are.
  • Company profile – Provides an overview of the startup to the readers.
  • History – The various stages and key incidents of the company, acquisitions over time and the current stats (Employee Strength, Partnerships, Customers).
  • Funding – An overview of the funding and various fundraisers till date.
  • Investors – A brief list of investors who backs the startup.
  • Competition – A list of major other startups and companies that offer their service in the same domain.

Our objective is to create a go-to resource for SaaS startups in India. Indian SaaS companies are poised to reach $30 billion in revenue by 2025, capturing an 8% to 9% share of the global SaaS market – (India SaaS Report 2021 by Bain & Company) We yearn to learn about the growth of these people. People who have risen from the trenches, who are passionate, who have learnt their business the hard way. They have invested themselves in their startups. They have created a unique niche for themselves, and are indeed a source of inspiration.

There are over 10,000 SaaS startups in India. The leading magazines, blogs, websites and newspapers will be able to cover maybe a few 100’s of the BIG and FUNDED SaaS ventures at the most. We strongly feel there is a need for more platforms where other deserving founders can share their journey.

Many founders of SaaS startups have strived through great hardships to reach their goals. They are doing well for themselves. They can teach, share and guide others. We have covered some amazing stories and are in pursuit of more such tales. We desire to portray the spark of creation in every entrepreneur and change maker across the globe.

If you think you would like to share your entrepreneurial journey with our readers, please feel free to mail at divya@crowdhr.in


Team Yellow Chapter!